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Redesigning the Inventory Management Tool

Change of seasons is a tough issue for a fashion retailer since their stock should have enough of one product and not too much of another. Category managers, the people who care about inventory balance, are using Inventory management software to avoid product overstock and lost sales. They can track and manage stock levels during a season by re-ordering more or setting discounts.

This story begins with one of these tools. The tool with a lot of functionality was in use by many people on an everyday basis. It was created on a base of MSTR reports a long time ago and day by day was becoming more complicated until it started to be hard to add any more features to it, people were spending months on it's learning, and developer team was busy fixing bugs all the time.

The planing of the redesigning process

Since the company and product team are actively using the 4D process with four distinct phases as Discover, Define, Design and Deliver, it makes sense stick all planning to this model as well.