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Building Ecosystem

Base 3D-viewer is opensource JS framework wich helps in filling any VR scene with 3D objects easily.

Going from SaaS to PaaS for UX designer.

When a company goes from SaaS to PaaS what does it mean for users and their experience? If the company already has clients who use its services and products like SaaS model, transitioning them to a new dimension can be challenging for UX designer. The problem is you need to satisfy the old audience and be prepared for the arrival of a new audience at the same time. All personas and user journeys on which all interfaces were based just yesterday should be revised and rebuilt in accordance with the new structure of the company and its services.

Developing new personas

In my case, the company completely changed the way it communicates with clients. They started from preparing 3D models for real estate, then came a service which presents the possibility of machine floor plan recognition and 3D viewer for presenting models through browsers. Finally, it was decided that content creation and viewer customisation can be shifted to random 3D modellers and web authors who will work like partners providing the service end customer need. This way the audience changed from direct clients (Real Estate) into three different audiences: Real Estate, Content creators and Web Authors.

Web Authors are people who can put together content, appealing design and tech components to make a cohesive website that their audience is interested in using. 

Content creators are 3D modellers, 3D photographers, IoT product designers, workspace planners, interior designers who use desktop software (CAD) to create content.

Real estate brokers are direct customers who actually need a final product. They will hire Content creators and Web Authors.

Users and their journeys

To do list not to fail everything

First: Don't panic!

Second: Collect information about what is going to be changed as much as possible. 

Third: Find all you can find about the same experience for other companies.

Fourth: Find old structures of all processes and redesign it according to PaaS ideas. Mark all changes on the scheme. Seems like the huge amount of work? It is.

Fifth: Divide the transfer process into the smallest possible steps. Looks better? That will do.

Informational architecture

Landing page

Visual builder